Monday, June 9, 2014

She Found Her Feet! (4 months old)

Lena is 4 months old! This last week she has found her feet, and she LOVES to play with them. She has also found her voice- and loves to screech and babble as loud as she can! 

She is sleeping through the night now (hooray!) and her naps are getting longer, so she's up longer in-between naps too. And today... on her 4 month birthday- she rolled over onto her stomach for the first time! We were at the Hansen's house, and she was laying on their futon when she rolled onto her side. Then she just rolled over, but her arm was pinned underneath her body. She struggled and grunted for about 2 minutes, until she finally got the arm out, and was fully on her stomach. I put her on the floor and she proceeded to roll over two more times- much more quickly this time, and was able to get her arm out more easily. She figured it out!

 Lots of changes at the 4 month mark.

Here are some more of our favorite photos from this month.  She gets cuter and cuter every day.

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