Monday, June 23, 2014

Farewell, Dear Friends

This is always the hardest part.

We have made some wonderful friends here in the DC/Virginia area over the last 4 years, and we knew it would be hard to say goodbye. We will miss our neighborhood, our ward, and all of our dear friends.

We had a potluck at our house tonight- just two days before the movers come. We cleaned out our fridge, and had our own version of Iron Chef- getting creative and trying to make something tasty.The weather was cool enough that we could sit outside, and enjoy the day. It was so fun to spend time with everyone, and watch the kids play together.

The kids played on the swing, and chased each other around the house. They raced fire trucks down the driveway, and looked for bugs in the grass.  It was so fun to watch Leo playing with all his friends. I know he will miss them very much.

 Lena had fun bouncing in her bouncer.

 Leo and Ben racing their fire trucks.

As it started to get dark, and kids bedtimes got closer, people started packing up to leave. I didn't want the party to end, and I didn't want to start saying our goodbyes...

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