Thursday, August 6, 2009

Our new home

Well, I unpacked the final 3 boxes today... so it's official. We're moved in!

It's taken a few weeks to get the last little bit done, but we did it! Here are a few photos:

Below is a photo of the field behind our house-- it is surrounded by trees, and is crawling with Kudzu. (Google it, if you don't know what Kudzu is. It's crazy stuff!)

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Baby Room progress

Jack's mom has been sewing like mad! She has sent us several boxes of quilts and blankets that she has made from the fabric I picked out.
They are so cute!
And since we won't know the gender of the baby, she has made two sets- one for a boy, and one for a girl! Here are the two quilts, on the crib.

I have a lot to do to get the baby room ready, but I am holding off for a couple of months.
I have just 3 weeks to get ready for an art show in Georgia, and then 4 weeks after that to get ready for another art show in Georgia! When those are both done (mid-October), then I will devote all of my time to getting ready for this baby. I have a stack of books to read, diapers to buy, products to research, curtains to sew, lullabies to learn, safety products to install, and a house to baby-proof. Just thinking about it, I get so excited!
January just can't come soon enough...

Monday, August 3, 2009


On our drive to Alabama, we stopped in Memphis for a tour of Graceland. It was nothing like what I expected.
Apparently, rich famous people in Elvis' day didn't live in the 10,000 square foot mansions, like they do today.

I mean, Graceland seemed like a fairly normal-size house. And the decor, well, it's straight out of the 70's.

Every room was different. There was the jungle room, with thick green shag, and crazy decor. Can you tell it was decorated in the 70's? (I had to laugh because on the audio tour, they kept emphasizing that each room was "professionally decorated"... in case you were wondering)

My two favorite rooms were the living room, with a mirrored wall and sleek white furniture; and the TV room done in bright yellow and navy blue. They were a little more timeless, and almost 40 years later, they're still cool.