Sunday, February 10, 2013

Big Boy Pants

Last Wednesday Leo potty trained himself.  As I was getting him dressed that morning he proclaimed "I want to wear big boy pants."  So he wore his 'Tow Mater' underpants that day. There were a few mishaps in the morning, but by the afternoon he had figured it out, and the timer on the kitchen stove helped us remember to go each hour. A little bribery helped too.
The next day he went to preschool for 3 hours, and I wondered if I should send him in underwear, or be safe by going with the diaper.  I emailed his teacher... and she said to go for it. So that was day 2 in underwear!
We've had to use some bribery to get the larger 'exports' into the toilet. And a new pirate movie was just the trick!  We are now on day 5 of underwear, and and I really can't believe it happened so fast.  I had heard that "When they're ready, you'll know"... but I was still a little surprised.  (When we tried 6 months ago it was a battle)   I guess Wednesday was the day- and he was ready. On his own time.