Monday, June 23, 2014

More Miracles

Lena's life has been full of miracles. I posted about some of them earlier, but there have been even more!

Normally an adoption is finalized after 6 months. That is the law. Unless there is "just cause" to finalize early. We didn't realize that until our attorney contacted us a week ago and said that because we were moving to Colorado we could petition the court to finalize before our move. "Do you want to finalize early?" he asked?  YES, yes we do.

So we wrote up a letter, and he submitted our petition to the judge. She approved it, and our court date was set for 6 days later.  So last Thursday, June 19th, we finalized our adoption! An amazingly 2 months early. We were so thrilled. It really was a miracle that just dropped right into our laps. Wow.
Wow. Wow.

We celebrated with Mexican food.

We decided to do Lena's sealing and baby blessing here, before our move. We set the date just two days after our finalization.  Saturday, June 21st at 7pm.  (Summer Solstice!)

We only had a few days to plan, which meant my family wasn't able to fly out here for it- but we were delighted to have all our amazing friends surrounding us.  JD Evans from our ward, was our sealer, and Norm VanDam helped check us in at the desk. Everywhere we looked we saw familiar faces of friends who have been our family for the last 4 years. It was so special.

The Washington DC temple is magnificent. And we loved that it was cool and cloudy outside- which made for some great family photos.

Lena looked radiant in her little white dress. She smiled and looked up at Daddy the whole time. Leo was cute too- all dressed in white, like a little gentleman. Jack and I were so happy, so excited, and feeling so grateful for all the miracles that had made these things possible.

Our forever family.

On Sunday Jack gave Lena her baby blessing. He explained why her middle name is "Love"" and said that she will be a beacon of light and love throughout her life.

Our precious Lena. Our miracle baby. We love her with all our hearts, and are so grateful to be an eternal family. My heart is overflowing with gratitude. Praise God!

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