Sunday, June 8, 2014

Day Trip to Baltimore

 We drove up to Baltimore on Saturday and had a really fun day. We started at the National Aquarium, which we went to a few years ago. Leo enjoyed it much more this time. He loved the sharks and rays the best.  He also like the funny little puffins.


My favorite is always the jellyfish display. (Which is ironic because when I've seen them on some of our scuba dives, I do NOT like them. Jellyfish stings really hurt)  But behind glass- I love them. I think they are so beautiful, so ethereal, and surreal looking. I could watch them for hours.

The water front in Baltimore is a lovely area. Jack and Leo bought tickets to tour 4 historic ships in the harbor. Their favorite was the submarine. Leo thought the torpedoes were pretty cool.

We ate lunch at a crab place right on the water. Jack was in heaven!  (That man LOVES crabs)  He got the crab cakes, which Maryland is famous for.    (We were sitting under a red awning, so we are all looking pretty rosy in these photos)

Lena napped in the stroller. But Leo was pretty sleepy too. He crashed as soon as we got in the car. He slept the whole way home.  Later that evening we went to our neighborhood pool, and swam for two hours.  It was pretty much the perfect Saturday! Hooray for Summer!

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