Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer in the Pool

Our neighborhood has a pool, and we debated on whether or not we should pay the membership fee this year. (It's about 400 bucks)  Several friends talked me into it, and today was our first day at the pool. It was awesome!

It was over 100 degrees today, and humid to boot. So when a friend texted to see if Leo and I wanted to join her at the pool we jumped at the chance! 

They have a kiddie pool that is fenced off from the larger pool, so Leo and the other toddlers were contained. And the pool is only about a foot deep so they can splash and play to their hearts' content. Part of the pool is shaded too, so we could sit at the edge and be in the shade. Nice!  At one point Leo found the hose that was refilling the pool, and he thought that was the best toy of all.

It looks like we are going to be at the pool a LOT this summer. At least we'll get our money's worth...

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