Sunday, June 26, 2011

Free Summer Fun

One of the reasons we love the DC area is that there is always something to do: free concerts, activities for kids, and other fun stuff. Last weekend we went to a free Summer Concert at the lake that is just blocks from our house.  The weather was perfect that night (the humidity was actually very low) and it was a beautiful setting, overlooking the lake. The sun was setting, and the fire flies were buzzing around. It was lovely.  The band was from South Africa and they played "township" music which was fantastic. I loved it.

On Saturday we went to see "Ryan Buckle and friends" which was a free show for kids at an outdoor amphitheatre. Ryan played great songs on the guitar about animals and science... then Zelda did cool science experiments between each song. All the kids loved it.  Even Leo was getting into the music.  (Ryan's songs are cute and fun, without being annoying to adult ears. We bought his CD, and are excited about his new one that will be all about Space!)

Hooray for free summer fun!

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