Thursday, June 9, 2011

Going back to Cali

Leo and I flew to California for two weeks to spend time with our family, and attend my cousin's wedding. We spent a couple days at the beach in Santa Monica, where Leo waded into the water and spent hours playing in the sand. He loves the beach.

Then we drove up to my parents' house where we got to spend lots of time with the extended family. It was great! My sister and her son Bridger also flew in for the weekend, so Leo and Bridger got to play together again.

Leo had a great time in the garage with Grandpa. He followed him around for hours, and just loved checking out all that interesting stuff. Grandpa even gave him a hammer and a board with some nails he could hammer. He was in little boy heaven.
Leo's language skills really took off during our time there. He started saying "Pa" (for Grandpa), and about  20 other words for the first time: outside, down, eat, stuff, bath, chip, sock, drink, etc.  
It was amazing.

Jessie's wedding was really nice. They had tents set up next to the lake, so the setting was beautiful. The weather even cooperated, and the rain held off until the following day. (whew!)

I spent a couple of days doing the flowers, which was really fun. (I really do enjoy it- especially now that I am not doing flowers every day)  It was a fun day, and I enjoyed spending time with all my cousins who had come to town for the wedding.


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