Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ding-Dong, it's a new door!

The makeover of our front door and porch area is almost complete...
As you can see from the photo below I started by painting the door black, then replaced the porch light with something more modern.  This week I installed some glass panels with a DIY kit I bought online.  Was it scary to cut 3 huge holes in our front door?  Absolutely!  But it turned out great, and I LOVE the way it looks.

This style is authentic to the period of the house (1960s) and the best part is that it lets in a lot of light. I also removed the glass storm door (having to go through two doors with a squirming toddler and a diaper bag was not easy!).  The house looks so much better without it. I'm loving our "new" door!


Suzy said...

You are amazing!!

Sharron Folkes said...

That was so amazing, Jack and Mandi! The older door was good, but the replacement was even better! I soo like the insertion of the glass panels; they added character to your front door and made the fa├žade very inviting.

Sharron Folkes