Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Camping at Royal Gorge

Most of the un-packing is complete, but we still have a lot of organizing to do. It's been an exhausting few weeks. We decided to take the weekend off and find somewhere to camp.

Most of the places we checked were booked, but we finally found a campground near Royal Gorge that had some spots. They had some "Rustic Cabins" available, so we packed up the car and headed out for the weekend.

The "Cabin" was really just a SHED with a BED.

We laughed when we saw it. But it was fine. It was clean, and it kept us dry during the rain on the first night. It was so great to be outdoors, and to be exploring a brand new area.

Jack bought Leo his first fishing pole, and Leo could not wait to go fishing! He wanted to go as soon as we got there, even though it was dark and raining.

Saturday was a beautiful day- warm and sunny! We took Leo fishing on the Alabama river (which looked exactly like Chocolate Milk) at a spot that was right next to the park. They were even having a festival at the park that day- so they had some inflatable bounce houses and water slides- it was perfect! Leo fished a little, played on the playground, and then got wet on the water slide- while we relaxed on a blanket in the shade. We spent almost the whole day there- it was so great. Leo could go back and forth between all the different activities, as his attention span wained. 

Lena and I watching the boys fishing.

In the late afternoon we ventured out to see the Royal Gorge. It was stunning.  We hope to go back soon, and try out some river rafting down the Gorge. 

We then headed back to camp, and cooked dinner over the fire. We had Roast Chicken. Leo had a hotdog. Lena had a bottle.

And we had s'mores for dessert, of course! Camping is awesome.

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