Thursday, March 17, 2016

So, I'm a little behind...

I knew it had been awhile since I updated our family blog, but when I looked I realized that it's been over a year since my last update. *gasp*  

So, I'm a little behind. There have been a lot of wonderful memories over the last year, and I hope that sometime soon I can catch up on the blog a bit! 

But here's a very short update:

Leo and Lena are getting so big!  Age 2 and 6- can you believe it?! They are so fun, and so crazy, and we just have a blast all the time. They keep us hopping, that's for sure!

We have a trip to Disneyland planned this Spring, and several camping trips over the summer- so it will be a fun-filled summer for sure!

Jack and I enjoyed a fun fondue dinner for Valentine's Day.

Leo and Lena shared a Froot Loop necklace that Leo made at school.

My grandma Lucy passed away in January. She was 91. She was a spunky, smart, curious woman with many talents and many interests. She was one of a kind, and we miss her.

Lena LOVES taking baths. I realized recently that most of her photos these days are taken during bath time. 

We celebrated Leo's 6th birthday in January! 

Lena turned 2 in February!

We had a very snowy February!

We drove our RV out to California for Thanksgiving and had a great time at the beach with our extended family!

Driving in the RV

Nana and Papa came to our house for Christmas, and spoiled the kids with too many presents!

My sister came with her two boys too!  Fun with the cousins!

Lena wasn't too thrilled to sit on Leo's lap!

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