Friday, July 11, 2014


It's been a long 12 days.

We arrived in Colorado on July 1st- ready to move into our new house. The problem is that our stuff arrived here a day early (on June 30) and since it couldn't go into the new house, it went into storage instead. And July 12th was the first available day for delivery.

Yep. Twelve days later. It is the busiest time of year for moving companies.

So... we've been living like squatters. Camping out in our new house.

We borrowed some air mattresses from our neighbor. We borrowed 4 plates, 4 cups, 4 forks and 4 spoons from the base.  A nice lady at church lent us a box of toys. We've been surviving.

And I've been trying to find fun stuff for me and the kids to do each day. A new library just opened, and it has the most incredible kids' area!  Tons of toys, dress up clothes, electronic toys, computers, and of course BOOKS. We have been there 3 times this week! This morning they had a great "Critter Hour" and the  kids got to pet a bearded dragon, hedgehog, skink, rats, and more. They also had some fun crafts. We love this library!

Leo also started his preschool summer camp on Wednesday. It's a few hours each morning, for the next 3 weeks. His teacher is great, and he's been enjoying the new friends.

So things are going well here- but we have been counting down the days until our stuff arrives. And tomorrow is the day!  I am so giddy.

I can't wait to get the kids' rooms set up, have their toys ready for them, and to sleep in my own bed again- with sheets instead of a sleeping bag. I've really missed my kitchen stuff, my good knives, my blender, and real plates. It will be so nice to have bathroom mats, plenty of towels,  and trash cans in every room. We can even do laundry without going to the laundromat!

I know it's just STUFF, but it's the comforts of home. And we will appreciate them even more, since we've been living without for awhile.

Hallelujah!  Our stuff is coming tomorrow! Tonight I will dream of clean sheets, trash cans, and blenders....

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