Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spring Break

The week before Spring Break I realized that we REALLY needed to plan some activities for the kids to keep them busy and engaged during their week out of school. So I emailed some friends, and invited them to come over each day for a 2 hour playdate and fun activity of the day.

Day 1: We played in the backyard, and enjoyed some of our first warm Spring days.
Day 2: Tie-dye T-shirts (and onsies)
Day 3: Paint projects.
Day 4: Parachute games on the lawn
Day 5: Bake and decorate sugar cookies

They came out pretty cute, right?  (The shirts aren't bad either)

Leo in his Boba Fett costume, showing his star-shaped cookies.

Finally, we took a trip to Mount Vernon, which was George Washington's estate. They have a working farm, gardens, orchards and even a few animals for the kids to see. It was really beautiful out there, with all the trees in bloom.

Where George and Martha Washington are buried.

Spring Break was fun, but it's always great when the kids go back to school...

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