Sunday, April 6, 2014

Lena's First Campout

We spent a wonderful weekend camping at Pohick Bay with the Hansens and some other new friends.  Lena did great on her first campout, and seemed to really enjoy the outdoors. Leo loved playing with all the other boys, riding bikes, and just being outside.

We celebrated Brooks' birthday on Friday- and Rebecca went all out!  She had a piñata, a "campfire" birthday cake, toys for all the kids, and a bunch of fun games to play. She is the master party planner!

This was our fourth time at this campground, and we just love it!  The cute little cabins are so fun, and we love the little cup-de-sac that is perfect for the kids to ride bikes, play baseball and more.  We also love the short hike to the lake, and the nightly campfires, of course!  We love this place!

Here is a list of our favorite things from this campout:

1. Cooking hotdogs over the fire.
2. Brooks' "candy" birthday party
3. Ghost piñata and "campfire" birthday cake.
4. New buckets and bug catchers from "Aunt" Rebecca.
5. Leo catching worms, and ladybugs.
6. Raccoons eating Leo's bucket of worms.
7. Leo riding his bike all over the campsite- quickly increasing in balance and speed.
8. Rocking Lena on the porch swing, and listening to Conference.
9. Hiking down to the lake.
10. Wading in the lake, throwing rocks, finding sticks.
11. Roasting marshmallows over the campfire.
12. S'mores
13. Rebecca shoving a huge chili dog in her mouth.
14. Snuggling with Lena around the campfire.
15. Cooking sausage and pancakes outside.
16. Seeing kids running through the woods, and playing outside ALL DAY.
17. Clear blue skies, and breezy Spring days.
18. Playing catch with Jack.
19. Gazing at the moon and stars.
20. A fun weekend with family and friends.

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