Sunday, December 22, 2013


You all know the joke about kids playing with the BOX more than the TOY that came in it?  We laugh because it's so true.  As Christmas approaches Jack and I have been contemplating the many gifts we have bought Leo over the last (almost) 4 years. What have been his favorite toys? What does he play with the most?

Our answers made us laugh.  And in this photo, you'll see why. These are Leo's favorite toys of all time...

It isn't the train table, the lego sets, the superheroes, or the tool bench.  It's the everyday items we have around the house. To be precise, it's an ear thermometer, mini stapler, label maker, a used ink cartridge (in yellow) tied to a rope, a steamer basket, a nightlight, a light timer, a kitchen meat thermometer, an apple corer/slicer, an ice scraper, and camera tri-pod.

I wouldn't consider any of these to be great toys, in the traditional sense.  (and we keep most of them hidden out of site because of sharp edges, risk of electrocution, choking hazard, etc.)  But Leo LOVES them. He loves to twist and turn the knobs, dials, and levers. He loves to push the buttons and pretend the label maker is a walkie-talkie, or a calculator. The tri-pod is often a submarine periscope, or a cannon. There are no limits to his imagination, or the wonderful ways he will use these "toys".    In fact, as we gathered these up to take a photo we have been reconsidering some of the Christmas gifts we bought for him.  Maybe we SHOULD just give him a box-- if it's full of gadgets.

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