Monday, May 13, 2013

Spring Camping

 We spent a great weekend at Pohick Bay campground with our friends the Hansens and Crawfords.  The weather was great, the kids had a ton of fun together, and the woodsy setting was lovely.  They have these great little cabins with beds, a small sitting area, and a front porch with a swing-- they were fantastic!

One of the highlights of the trip was Mother's Day-- our husbands made us an awesome breakfast, and we had our own outdoor church service, where we sat on some benches overlooking the lake, sang some hymns, and spoke briefly of the importance of mothers and motherhood. It was sweet and spiritual, and just wonderful!
Another highlight was our hike on Saturday, when we ended up at the lake. The kids were skipping rocks on the water, and then wading into the water, and then up to their knees in water and mud.  Soon, the clothes came off and we had five little boys in their underwear, playing in the mud and having the time of their lives!  The weather was so pleasant- we just found a great spot to sit down and enjoyed the show!

Beans and Bratwurst

Cute little cabins.

Leo and Brooks were firemen-policemen.

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