Thursday, April 4, 2013

This is for the Birds

My friend Karin called us Wednesday morning to see if we wanted to go to the zoo. It's was her little girl's first birthday, and it was great to have a fun day out with them.

We went to the Reston Zoo, which was our first time there. It was a VERY small zoo- more like a petting zoo really. You could feed the pigs, goats and lambs. They had a few zebras and kangaroos.  Our favorite part was the Aviary--a small enclosure filled with birds. The kids held sticks with bird seed stuck to the end of them. The birds swarmed all over them, and they were mesmerized!

We didn't stay long, because it was a chilly day- but it was fun to get outdoors. We are so ready for Spring to arrive!

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Josie Guzman said...

Oh gosh! They are so big! And I teared up to see Karin in the picture! I miss you Annandale Ward!