Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our Funny Boy

Our funny little Leo. What a cutie!  I had to share some of his photos from the last month.  This first one show how his 4 top teeth are coming in.  It took him a while (14 months) to finally get some teeth, but they're coming in strong now.

He has recently discovered the power of those front teeth and so he likes to bite off big chunks of food, which fill his little cheeks to capacity.

We went with some friends to a nearby park and Leo had a great time on the slides and the swing.  He also got a hold of mom's hat, which was a fun new toy.


 Lastly, a friend gave us this play lawn mower, which Leo has enjoyed pushing around the yard.  (It might be fun for him now, but we'll see how he feels about mowing when he's 15.) I'm not sure what he's pointing at in this one, but I think it was a plane flying overhead. Leo is getting more and more interested in airplanes, which thrills his Daddy. I think Jack is already planning some trips to the Air and Space museum with Leo when he gets home.

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