Monday, May 3, 2010


Well, I finally got around to shooting some photos of Leo's room. And here they are. I am so excited to do his room in the new house because 1) we can paint the walls (no more beige!), and 2) we know that he is a boy, and can decorate accordingly. But for our short time here, this has been a nice place for Leo to lay his head. Leo loves to stare at the brightly colored vinyl dots on the wall, and we've had lots of wonderful moments in that rocking chair for feeding time, and reading books.

The frame with Leo's name was made by my best friend, Kristen, who is a very talented artist (and recently, children's book illustrator/writer).


Cristin said...

I love the idea of putting bright colored dots above the crib for the baby to stare at. Good thinking!

Michelle said...

You are so creative! His room looks adorable, love the shadow boxes and the mirror!