Thursday, May 6, 2010

Arghh Matey

Jack has always been fascinated with eye patches. He snaps photos of mysterious patch-wearing strangers everywhere we go. (He's seen all types: simple black patches, the leather piratey type, or the doctor-issued gauze ones.) On one trip to France we saw about 5 guys with eye patches in one day! We figured they must have had a sale at the eye clinic that day...

Well, today Jack became one of those mysterious patch-wearing strangers. Here he is, sporting his lovely new eye wear. Say cheese, Jack!

Jack got a stye in his eye, right after Leo was born. It was a huge red bump on edge of his eyelid, that just would not go away. We did the Epson salt thing, but two months later, it was still there. He went to the clinic and got a prescription for some eyedrops, and some ointment. But neither worked. So now, it's FOUR months later, and he finally gets back into the clinic. They had to cut it open and let it drain. (ouch.)

He's so glad that it is finally gone, and that people won't be staring at it when he's talking to them anymore... And of course, he got a really cool eye patch out of it.

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