Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break

Jack had Spring Break last week, so we took Leo on his first camping trip to Sherling Lake. We camped in our little trailer (Big Red) and took our kayaks out on the lake. It was Leo's first kayaking too! Apparently, he found it relaxing to be out on the water, because he promptly fell asleep!

Life vest? Check.
Sunscreen? Check.
Binky? Check.

We had a great time at the lake, sitting around our nightly campfires, and playing cards inside the trailer when it was chilly outside. Even though the trees haven't started leafing out just yet, the campground and lake were beautiful. I love the Spanish Moss that hangs down from the trees-- it's exactly how I always pictured the South.


The Wife!! said...

How fun! A moment you will always remember and treasure!! Leo is so lucky to have such great parents.

pharmgirl75 said...

Looks like Leo is on his way to being an active member of the active and adventurous Felici family. I didn't know they made infant life vests. How cute!