Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chubby Cheeks and Fuzzy Hair

Leo is growing so fast, and changing every day. Last week his cheeks got really chubby and he grew a double chin. This week, he's sprouting new hair. His head is covered in a layer of fuzzy dark hair. His original hairs (the long ones) protrude from the crown of his head, poking out from all the fuzzy new stuff. It is so cute!
Leo is also smiling more and more. Especially when he wakes up from a nap. As soon as he sees me coming into his room he gets a huge grin on his face, and it's enough to melt my heart! I am forced to pick him up, and smother him with kisses from the top of his fuzzy head, to each of his chubby little cheeks. I adore him.
Leo will be 2 months old tomorrow. I can hardly believe it. Jack and I can't imagine life without him. He is such a joy, and we thank God for him everyday. We are so blessed.


Sean, Em and Milo Volk said...

I love his little chin. He is so cute!

The Schooley's said...

He is so beautiful!! I am so happy for you guys. I know you will love every minute of being hid parents!! Congratulations!! THe videos of him with his jumgle are the cutest things ever!!