Sunday, October 5, 2014

Convention 2014

We just got back from the fabulous doTerra Convention in SLC. We had over 18,000 people in attendance- the largest convention ever held in Utah. In fact, we outgrew the Salt Palace, and had to move into the ES Arena.

It was pretty incredible to see that many Wellness Advocates all gathered in one place.

I had about 35 people from my team there, from all over the country- it was so fun to connect with them!  Diana and Debby from Delaware, and Heather from Colorado.

Paige and Kristi from Georgia. 

I even got to hang out with two of my old roomies from California, the "Kims"

The fabulous Kathy Pace, a Blue Diamond, and one of my mentors.

Lena joined us on the last day. Her first Convention! 

The product showcase, where we got to see all the new products, and see some friends we haven't seen in a while. So much fun!

We also got a tour of doTerra's new campus in Pleasant Grove. It's just lovely.

We loved hearing from the doTerra executives about the global vision of doTerra, and how they are changing lives around the world. I am so impressed with their integrity.

They brought in several of the growers- from Haiti, Italy, Canada and Guatemala. It was so fun to hear their stories, and feel their passion. It was emotional for them, and for us.  They talked about Co-Impact Sourcing and how it's changing lives around the world.  Wow.

Another highlight was getting my whole team together for a dinner on Friday night. Many of them had not met each other before, since they are from all over the country. It was great to recognize their efforts, and share my love for them.

I have the best team ever!  Our motto is to: DREAM BIG!  I know that next year we will be 3 times as big, and touching even more lives with these amazing gifts of the earth.

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