Sunday, March 9, 2014

One Month Old

Lena is one month old!  She is more alert, and more curious everyday.  We love her little gurgle sounds, and those big brown eyes that melt our hearts.  She gurgles and grunts and slurps her milk, in a very charming way.  She smiles in her sleep, has cute little sneezes, and loves to snuggle into your neck.  We are hopelessly smitten with her. 

Her big brother Leo still thinks she's pretty cool. He hugs her, tickles her, and tries to share his Star Wars toys with her. Sometimes he gets a little rough, trying to tackle her, or play 'hide-and-seek" by laying on her face...  so Mom has to keep an eye on them. But overall he is a great brother, and really looks out for "his baby."

Mom and Dad are starting to get a little more sleep, and we're getting into a nice routine. It's definitely more work with 2 kids, but there is twice the joy and twice the love.  We feel so blessed, and so lucky that Lena has joined our family.  We adore her.

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