Sunday, June 30, 2013

Goodbye house

We're not sure how it happened, but we felt like we should sell our house.  We're about 8 months from our next move (with Jack's job it happens every 4 years)... so to sell the house now and move, seems pretty crazy. But we felt strongly that that's what God wanted us to do.  So we called the realtor, they shot the photos two days later (Friday), listed it late Saturday, we had 3 showings on Sunday, and an offer came in that night- for 20k over asking price! We accepted the offer, and were supposed to move out three weeks later.
We looked at several houses for rent in the area, but settled for one in our same neighborhood. Did I mention that it was literally TWO DOORS DOWN from our old house?  Yep. The miracles never cease.  And it was available exactly when we needed it.
The house is a little smaller (less storage, smaller kitchen) than our old house...  but it meets our needs, and we feel incredibly blessed to have everything work out the way it did.
We are not sure why God has directed us down this path... but we think it might have to do with our next adoption.  We trust God's hand in all this, and are just so grateful.

We loved painting this house in fun colors, and making it feel like home.  
Goodbye old house. We loved living here, and making you our home for the last 3 years!

Hello new house!

Beige walls- eek!  What am I going to do with beige walls?

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