Sunday, October 9, 2011

Home Sweet Home

He's home!

His arrival date and time changed about a dozen times, but alas, he finally arrived this morning, and we picked him up at BWI.  I cried when I saw him, and couldn't believe he was really here!  Leo threw his arms around Jack's neck and he didn't want to let go. It was so sweet.

We drove home, and within a few minutes Jack and Leo started wrestling and playing together in the living room. It looks like they picked up right where they left off 6 months ago...

Today has been a wonderful day. We laid in bed and watched Sponge Bob, went for a walk around the neighborhood, and just enjoyed being together as a family.
Happy, happy day!


JillEE said...

Congrats Mandi! That is wonderful news.

Melinda said...

Welcome Back Jack!! :) glad you made it back safely to your wonderful family!