Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shrug and a Haircut... two bits!

Leo's latest trick is shrugging his shoulders. Unfortunately, we haven't captured it on video yet, but is really is the cutest thing. Sometimes he does it when he is mad or frustrated, but sometimes he just gives you a funny look and shrugs. It's hilarious.

And last week, when we were in Carpinteria, we took Leo to get his first haircut.
We took him to the little barber shop in town that Marty owns. ("Marty the one-man-party")

Here is the "before" photo. Leo sat patiently in my lap while Marty cut his hair. What a trooper. And Marty was great. Leo posed with him for the "after" shot.

Doesn't Leo look handsome? So grown up! He doesn't look like a baby anymore...

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Robyn said...

Hey mandi, I came acrossed your blog while checking facebook. Man, is your little guy just the cutest thing! Looking at all the pictures I must say how much our babies look like one another, kind of funny! Leo (love the name by the way) is a little more olive skinned, but their face are very much alike. Anyway, hope your adorable little family has a very merry holiday season!