Tuesday, September 7, 2010

8 months old

Leo is 8 months old, and is changing so fast. He started creeping (belly crawl) last week, and is occasionally getting up on his knees and rocking back and forth... so yes, the real crawling is just around the corner. This means big changes around our house, and we are making attempts to baby proof everything (if that is even possible). Check out the video below if you want to see the little guy in action.

Leo is becoming more active and independent. He doesn't like to sit still for diaper changes, preferring instead to twist and perform all sorts of evasive maneuvers. He also doesn't like to sit in his car seat for more than an hour, or to sit on your lap through 3 hours of church. He likes to move and explore and wriggle and twist. He is curious about everything and everyone! And of course, because he's so cute and so charming, he makes friends everywhere we go.

My parents are visiting from California, and are here for two weeks. On Monday we went on tour of Jefferson's home 'Monticello' which is about two hours from here. Monticello is lovely. We really enjoyed touring the house and the beautifully manicured gardens. Our tour guide kept losing her train of thought during her much-rehearsed script... "I'm sorry" she'd say, "but I'm distracted by this adorable baby!" (And who could blame her?)

Last week Leo and I visited the Air and Space Museum. Leo really liked the planes and cool space stuff.
I bought him a light-up toy which mesmerized him for just a few seconds before it became a chew toy.

Here's the video of Leo doing the belly crawl:

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Monica said...

Time flies, doesn't it?? He is adorable!!!