Saturday, July 10, 2010

Videos of the boy

Jack has been busy with the video camera the last few weeks. Here are some of his favorites:

Leo has become increasing ticklish lately, which is really fun for us. Sometimes just the anticipation of being tickled will make him laugh... it's so cute!

Leo goes through phases where he'll blow raspberries... and then forget about it for a few weeks. Then he will suddenly rediscover the art of raspberry blowing, and will do it all day long!

Leo still goes crazy in his jumper. He's learned to really get those arms pumping, and legs jumping... he gets a major workout.


Melinda said...

wow Leo is SO big now!! how old is he 6 months??? how precious!!

Andrea said...

Mandi, He is so sweet and he totally has a million dollar smile! I'm so happy for you guys! Everyone seems to be doing very well. Miss you.