Monday, April 12, 2010

New Digs

We're moving to the DC area mid-July, and Jack will be working at the Pentagon for the next 4 years. I have been house-hunting online for the last 2 months, but I flew out here for the weekend to see some houses in person.
A new house came on the market the day that I got here. I went to see it yesterday, made an offer last night, and they accepted it this afternoon! It is a great house, and we are very excited! It's a nice, brick rambler that was built in 1962. It's in a great neighborhood, at the Springfield/Annandale border, just 1 mile from the Beltway... so Jack's commute won't be too bad. It needs a little bit of work (replacing the pink toilet and bathtub in the hall bathroom, for example) but for the most part, it is in really great shape. It even has a swing set in the backyard, that Leo will love... in a few years.
Happy, and relieved that we found a house, I hopped on the Metro for an afternoon of sight-seeing. I walked around the national monuments and spent a few hours at the Museum of American History. I saw a fabulous exhibit of the First Ladies' Innagural Gowns, Fonzie's jacket, Dorothy's ruby slippers, and Julia Child's kitchen. So cool. I have been to DC a few times, but living here will be great-- I want to see everything!


Diane said...

Hi, this is your old caseworker from Utah. Tonight I got copied on an e-mail from a birth mom trying to contact you. Did you know your profile is still up? It should be on hold for a year if you just got placed with. Congrats by the way! That is exciting. Sorry to hear the ICPC was a pain. Will you e-mail me with your current caseworker's contact info? For some reason they think I'm still your caseworker.

Emily said...

Mandi & Jack! Congrats on the transfer to DC! That's super exciting. We're not too far from you, so we'll try to pop up and see you sometime. Kudoos on getting what looks like a GREAT house! Em

April said...

Looks great! Love all of the flowers & plants.

sara said...

Congrats! That is so awesome!!! I love the house!!! You guys will have so much fun there. I miss you!! I'm glad you are so happy with baby leo. :)