Monday, February 15, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

After 4 long weeks, we finally got clearance from ICPC last Tuesday, so Leo and I flew home on Wednesday. It is so good to be home!
Montgomery got 2 inches of snow on Friday- which is very rare for the South. All the businesses and schools shut down for the day, which meant Jack got a 4 day weekend! (Today is President's Day) It's been wonderful to spend all this time together as a family. We love our little Leo!


Michelle said...

What a cutie!!! He is getting so big :) I love how his little tummy sticks out of his bath water! So sweet!!

sara said...

I'm so happy you are home!!! What a sweet little boy he is. I'm sooo glad everything has finally worked out and you can be together as a family again. Oh how happy you must be!

On ThE gO said...

Im so happy you can finally be home as a family! He is adorable!

And it only gets better as time goes on even though you may not think it could.