Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lovely little Leo

We're still in Utah- STUCK- until we get clearance from ICPC. It normally takes about a week,, and it's been two and a half weeks! The woman in the Alabama ICPC office is stringing us along, making up reasons she can't approve our paperwork. It's been one thing after another, and it has our case workers completely dumbfounded. It is so frustrating!

We are antsy to get home, and the worst part is that Jack is already there. (He had to get back to work, and flew home a week and a half ago) We miss him so much, and he really misses us.

The last week of waiting has been agonizing- especially the last few days. We keep getting our hopes up, that we're getting close... only to be disappointed over and over again. It has been heartbreaking. We just want to be home. We want to be together as a family again! I have been in Utah for 33 days now, and 19 of those days have been since Leo was born. We are desperate to get home.

The good news is that Leo is an absolute joy. He is such a sweet little boy, and I love every minute with him. Here are some photos of our lovely little Leo:

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Monica said...

I'm sorry you're stuck! That is frustrating!!! He is VERY cute though =) Thanks for bringing him to show us, that was a fun surprise!