Sunday, June 14, 2009

Girls Camp (in the rain)

I just got back from Girls Camp. I was one of the leaders, and we camped at Camp Woodland, near Morgan. We had 30 teenage girls, and it rained all week! What an adventure.
Our 3 biggest tents leaked really bad the first night, so we frantically tried to move everyone’s stuff up to the lodge, without all the bedding getting too wet. Whew! It was quite a night! But we finally got everyone up there, and got their stuff dry by the fire. Then we read them some bedtime stories. That part was fun.

I was the camp cook, so I cooked all the meals. Luckily, all the girls liked the food, except one girl. She didn’t like anything! Everyday, when I was prepping the meal, she’d come over to me and say “I don’t really like chili” or “I don’t really like onions”, or “I don’t really like eggs”. On the last morning I was cooking hash browns and she came over to me as I was putting salt on them. She said “Um, I don’t really like salt”. I had to laugh! In fact, just thinkingabout it makes me laugh!

Camp was great, but I am exhausted. It was a lot of work! But it was fun to spend time with all the girls, and get to know them better. They really crack me up.

It's good to be home, and to be DRY.

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3Brownbears said...

Camp was great! I am also glad to be home. Wish I was not so grouchy about the stuff laying around but live and learn. Also I think Lack of sleep and Lots of rain come to mind. It was a great time though!